Intended for pre-1960 single box models. Supertoys will be a separate page. Dimensions are actual of the model and 1/8" will be added automatically for the box size
Length inches
The dpi count is purely for best resolution,
you may have to adjust your downloaded image to print correctly With Photoshop resize to 200dpi and do not resample (or your chosen dpi) Leave as 200pdi for now no resizing yet
Is the logo in Italics
Logo Position x,y in pixels and resize% (default 5,5,100)
Background RGB (default 251,229,36) try 251,200,18 for darker yellow
Name - including spaces Replace space with a - if name is split on the end flap
Features (detial to follow)
Number Pre 1954
Number Post 1954
Model Image x,y in pixels (default 100,58)
Is this a dual numbered box
Is there a color spot
User defined spot r,g,b:
Elipse Color for model number
Is made in England on the end or tuck tab
Create this box
Any box created remains the intellectual property of the web site owner. Use is by donation.

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