Waddams Pool Works

This is where Louis Marx Leased property in 1932.

Dudley water supply from Rowley Regis in the reign of George 111 1791 from an act of parliament

And in order to the properly supplying the town with water, be it further enacted, that it shall be lawful for the said commissioners to cause a leader, feeder or cut to be opened and made through and from certain land situate near Roundhill, in the parish of Rowley Regis, in the county of Stafford, the property of John Steward Esquire, in the occupation of James Round, through and over the lands of the Rt Honourable William Lord Viscount Dudley and ward Sarah Dudley, Blackhorn, Thomas Ford, Elizabeth Timmins, John Walhouse Esq and Thomas Shaw Hillier Clerk situate in the said parish of Rowley Regis, and the parish of Dudley to a place near the town called Wadham’s Pool in such manner, course and direction, and of such widths the said commissioners shall think necessary, running or flowing from certain springs arising within the said parish of Rowley Regis called Adam’s Well, Round Spring Well, Holy Bog Well and also certain springs arising in lands within the same parish called Squabby Bog Moor and Boggy Moor and also certain springs arising within the said parish of Dudley called Cooper’s Spring and Walton’s Well to Wadham’s Pool aforesaid and also cause any reservoirs, engines, aqueducts and other works to be made within any such lands through which the said leader, feeder or cut shall pass as they shall think necessary, and also to cause the water passing through such leader, feeder or cut to be conveyed from Wadham’s pool aforesaid into the town.